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Can we assist you with the installation?
Do I need to be there for the installation?
Do I need to supply any materials?
How long will the installation take?
How much does installation cost?
Answer: The quick answer is, it depends. PriceNET does not charge labor for installations. Whatever parts are needed to get you online is what you pay for. If a radio costs us $85, you'll pay $85. The same thing goes for any other items needed (depending on your location) such as mast, tripod, antenna, etc...

Because each location presents its own unique challenges, we compute your installation costs at the time of setup so that you only pay for the equipment it takes to get you online.

You do have some control over this process, however. PriceNET offers a $100 down Installation Plan for those customers who find the cost of installation to be a barrier to getting high-speed Internet. When your installer comes to get you set up, let him (or her) know that you'll want to take advantage of this solution, and your total installation cost that day will only be $100!

For more details on what to expect in the way of installation costs, see this page.
How will my roof mounted mast hold up to strong storms and wind?
My installer/sales person says I need a mast on my roof to get service. How come? I don't like things on my roof!
What if money is tight and I can't afford the installation fee?
Who owns the equipment after installation?
Will my roof leak after the installation?

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