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Leading the Pack

How We Differentiate Ourselves From the Competition

TDMA – TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple Access. To keep your eyes from glazing over, we'll cut right to the chase: TDMA allows us to deliver each customer their own virtual Internet pipe that is not impacted by other users on our system. In short, you'll get top performance whether it's 2 AM and most subscribers are asleep, or 6 PM when everyone is maxing out their connections after work and school.

See, it's not enough to just hang some transmitters and call yourself an ISP. Anyone can do that, and trust us, it happens. But to deliver a truly extraordinary experience takes the right equipment and proper engineering. TDMA is absolutely necessary when you're in the business of guaranteeing performance 24/7 (which we are). Does your current provider make that guarantee?

Reliability – We don't know if you've noticed, but we're not exactly living in the lap of a major metropolis out here. And that means infrastructure can be tempermental. Electricity falters, tap water looks like weak coffee a couple hours every six months – hey, we get it. It's the price we pay for all this elbow room, and we think its worth it. But we decided our customers might enjoy the reliability of big city Internet. So we made it happen.

Our Network Core is located in the heart of downtown Okmulgee with access to a very stable power grid. Servers, switches, routers, and racks are air conditioned 24x7 and are secured with tightly controlled physical access, including HID cards and digital locks. We connect directly into a Tier 1 backbone, and our fiber circuit SLA boasts five nine's of reliability.

And if by chance a PriceNET broadcast tower sustains damage from severe weather or some other natural event, you'll pay nothing until your service is restored. (No, we're not kidding about this.)

Question: Can your current provider say that? Answer: They can if it's us!

Fanatical Commitment – If that sounds a little crazy, then so be it. Our top priority is not adding new customers; it's providing top-quality service to the ones we already have. Of course we want to grow, and we do add new customers every month. But never at the expense of our existing subscriber base. That may explain why we've never lost a customer to poor performance. Some have cancelled because they're moving out of our service area, others due to financial considerations. But no one has ever quit PriceNET over unmet expectations.

We wear this badge of honor with pride! And it drives our decision-making process, which is always in the best interests of our customers. We've even been known to halt new installations for a period of days or weeks to address a potential issue before it became a problem. That's just how we roll. Our thinking is, "It may take us a couple weeks to get you installed, but once you're on, you're golden. We take excellent care of our own."

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