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How Does it Work?

Technology Overview

Simply put, Wi-Fi is a wireless mechanism for connecting electronic devices. Like many things (such as ice cream), it comes in several different flavors. PriceNET relies on what is known as "Fixed Wireless Broadband" to deliver the Internet to you via radio signals. The word "fixed" refers to the subscriber radio being secured in a single location, such as a home or business.

Isn't Wi-Fi the Same Thing as Satellite?

Wireless Broadband is not satellite! Satellite Internet systems can be slow and unreliable, due in part to the fact that the signal has to travel many thousands of miles up in the sky and back down again every time an email or webpage is viewed. Fixed Wireless Broadband systems, on the other hand, transmit to you from local towers, much like FM radio or TV programming.

PriceNET subscribers enjoy nearly the same performance as cable or DSL Internet users in the big cities, because the signal only has to travel a few miles, which takes barely a few milliseconds. That's less time than the blink of an eye - as a matter of fact, a real blink of the eye takes almost three hundred milliseconds!

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